Across The Land

Enter the Priestess

Priestess Cordelian Araxie, Arteign, Kratos, Balen, “Spunk”, Kerbow, Sorah, Brontus, the baby-faced Dwarf

With Arteign and Kratos having rescued Balen and “Spunk” from captivity on the docks, Kerbow has seemingly already put a plan in motion. As they wait in the dark backroom, a knock on the door demands everyone’s attention. Kerbow opens the door, and Sorah leads in two figures – one obviously a priestess of the Temple of Odo, the other a small child in a dress and bonnet.

The priestess introduces herself as Cordelian Araxie. In the faint light, she still shows signs of her elven heritage, though her human features are just as evident.

The child, meanwhile, removes its bonnet, and in a gruff, gravely voice asks “Where’s the Baby!?” Most in the room are taken aback by the full-grown, adult Dwarf who begins removing his disguise. Kerbow walks over and takes the disguise from him (and places something in his hand) as Sorah begins to clean up “Spunk”. Cordelia also approaches “Spunk” and checks her health.

As the women’s attention is on “Spunk”, Kerbow explains to the group that in a city the size of King’s Port, there are many orphaned or uncared for children. He is member of a dedicated group that sees to their welfare, and the Temple of Odo takes in many of these children. He has made plans for “Spunk” to get out of the inn and to the safety of the Temple. You feel there is more to the story than he is letting on.

The baby-faced Dwarf – with newly acquired gold in his pocket – wishes to retire to the common room for a drink (or two or three), so Kerbow sees him out.

Kratos and Arteign tell Cordelian about their plans to visit the old Orphanage to save the orphans there, urged by Balen, and invite her to join them. Seeing the opportunity to spread the work of Odo, she agrees and plans to return to join them after delivering “Spunk” back to the Temple.

With “Spunk” cleaned and clothed in the disguise, Kerbow leads one of his bouncers in, Brontus. Brontus will trail Cordelian and “Spunk” as they make it back to the Temple, just in case they come under scrutiny by anyone watching the inn. The two of them leave, followed immediately by Brontus.

Upon her return, she meets up with the party again. Kerbow questions Brontus and he relates how he did, indeed, have to “rough up” someone that was following the child on the way to the Temple. He has a bloody wound to show for it, but Cordelia patches him up, shaken by the fact that she had been that close to trouble.

The party make their plans to rescue the orphans at the Orphanage. They re-supply and purchase horses, leaving King’s Port, travelling without incident all the way to Jasper, where they attempt to contact the Magistrate. Lt. Walen informs them that the Magistrate deputized him and left him in charge before he left with his wife and Captain Del Brekmann to urgently meet with the King in Aga Forsythe. The Magistrate was distressed that the King had recalled the Guard of the Land back from their patrols and fears that the Goblin Menace will only get worse now that the Guard will not be patrolling the surrounding lands. Rumor has it that the Land is threatened by a darkening shadow, and the King is recalling his forces to counter it. For Jasper, the recalling of the Guard only spells disaster as the goblins have gotten bolder and their raids will surely increase without the Guard on patrol.

After meeting with Lt. Walen, they leave Jasper. On the road to Pebble, they spot smoke coming from nearby farms and decide to investigate. As they approach one of the farms, they spot 2 goblin wolfriders, who in turn spot them and ride swiftly away. The party investigates the farmhouses and manages to save one farmer, but find two others already dead. They heal him back to health after spending the night camping by the road, and send him back to Jasper. His one request is to see to his family’s proper burial. The party agrees and they return to the farm to give them their last rites. They are, however, ambushed by three goblins and 2 worgs. The goblins and wolves are killed, searched and burned. The party administer final rites to the farmer’s family members. The party continue on to the village of Pebble.

On the way, they are confronted by a small group of bandits, who swiftly run away after Kratos tramples one of them with his horse. The leader is intimidated into dropping his shield and weapon but is allowed to run into the woods for his life. The others had already taken the hint and run away as well.

The party then makes it to Pebble and settle in to rest.



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