Belak the Outcast

The Outcast Druid that took up residence in the Sunless Citadel


Belak was an outcast druid that took up residence in the Sunless Citadel. He was exprerimenting with various fungi and plants on the goblins and dire rats in the lower levels, and tended the Gulthias Tree in the Twilight Grove. He ruled the goblinoids in the Citadel through Durnn, the Hobgoblin boss. The adventurers fought their way through the Citadel, destroying Durnn’s tribe, and eventually facing the Outcast in the Twilight Grove. Belak was slain in combat with Arteign, Kratos, Carsison and Shar, but the Gulthias Tree remains, emanating pure evil as Inquisitor Jose detected.


Belak the Outcast

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