Welcome to The Land!

This is the campaign homepage for those adventuring in The Land.

After adventuring mainly in the SE portion of a large island continent known simply as The Land, the Party has expanded its exploits further north, almost to the lands of the barbarians – the Realm of the Jarmas.

Up to this point, their deeds had taken place mostly in a relatively peaceful part of the continent. The adventurers – many over the years – have tried to find the source of and put an end to the Goblin Menace, have answered a call from merchants to investigate the disappearance of family members in the Sunless Citadel, traveled to the mountain hold of the reserved Dwarves to return an artifact, and have tried to uncover mysteries of their past.

Now, having visited the Orphanage and finding it abandoned, the Party has uncovered clues that lead them north to the towns of Keitlyn and Branton, and into the trouble brewing there in the frontier as the Guard of the Land has been recalled to the cities to the south.

Across The Land

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