Kratos "Twigsbane"

Josh M's Barbarian, 3rd and current "main" PC


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Kratos ready to fight!
Kratos is a human male barbarian roughly in his late teens or early 20’s. Kraots is a tall intimidating man, his body is covered in one long red tribal marking that covers most of his body and face. He also carries little except food and weaponry, very large weaponry, that he uses to deadly effect without hesitation. Kratos is a brutal combatant, calling upon his barbaric rage to strike down foes in droves, esspecially twig blights hence the nickname. Although that is not to say Kratos is cruel and with out mercy one time even letting a bandit, who had just ambushed and attempted to kill Kraots, go as long as he dropped his weapons and promised never to try anything of the sort again, or else. His friends were a but disapproving of just releasing him, but Kratos didn’t think it was right to kill him and didn’t want the bandit taking anymore of his time. Although he seems to be a little less forgiving of goblinoids. Kratos doesn’t speak much of his past to his new friends or much of anything outside of combat, that’s not to say that Kratos hasn’t made fast friends with his fellow adventurers. He spends most of his time outside of combat drinking and when he has enough booze in him he is actually quite the skilled orator and has many interesting stories and tall-tales which has actually earned him a few free drinks on the occasion. Kratos has become fast friends with his party; in particular Arteign, and Kellen. Their skill in battle and willingness to join the fray has earned Kratos’ respect and trust (perhaps misplaced trust on the odd occasion).
What an odd occasion…


Kraots was first introduced to the party after they had returned from the sunless citadel after losing a few of their number. Kratos had been informed of the parties task and offered to aid them. Seeing no reason they shouldn’t accept the help of the giant half-naked barbarian he joined their adventure into the sunless citadel. Kratos quickly proved himself a valuable ally cutting down most foes with ease and able to withstand a healthy amount of punishment as well. His usefullness culminated when he was separated from the group and single-handedly fell an thoqqua, and in one hit no less.
A thoqqua!…He doesn’t look so scary…
After making their way through the citadel they finally came across Belak the Outcast, the orchestrator of the evil inside the sunless citadel and keeper of a strange evil tree. Along with him were some of the people they were hired to locate, but they had fallen under the control of Belak and attacked the heroes. Kratos made short work of the daugther (admittedly not truly attempting to kill her, but under his berserk rage cleaved her in twain in one fell swoop), but his weapon was broken by the brother and his aptly named weapon shatter spike. Kratos struggled with the remainder of the encounter using only a javelin, but learned a valuable lesson in back-up weapons. Despite this and with the help of his friends Belak was slain along with the brother.
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Opps….I can fix that…
With Balek defeated the party were able to rescue some of their captured friends who were worse for wear, but alive. The party did their best to deal with the tree of evil that their friends had been trapped in and seemingly the source of all their problems, but the tree was far beyond their comprehension, and with kratos’ giant sword broken they had nothing to cut the tree down with, and so the left the sunless citadel to deal with it at a later time.

Kratos "Twigsbane"

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